Address the Mess

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Preserving resources.  Protecting the planet.

Viacom addresses the environment and the major sustainability challenges of our time from the inside out. It’s about paying attention to the small choices we make as employees every day. Finally, it’s about promoting eco-friendly behavior and inspiring our audiences to be positive and motivating influences in their communities.

Address the mess – Comedy central.

Improperly discarded electronics disproportionately contribute to the toxins contaminating the nation’s landfills and leeching into its waterways. Comedy Central’s Address the Mess works to stem the tide of these pollutants by focusing on issues such as e-ware recycling, proper waste disposal and fossil fuel emissions. By partnering with experts like the Natural Resources Defense Council, Address the Mess educates the Comedy Central audience about the problem and provides practical ways to help. On-the-ground programs have collected over 10 tons of discarded electronics to date. In 2010, Address the Mess collaborated with The Colbert Report’s website and encouraged fans to tweet and text their support. The effort generated $50,000 for the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund to assist those hardest hit by the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.