Millenials in the Working World (2012)

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Millenials in the Working World

Young people see the workplace as somewhere to strive for self improvement, but they are also often frustrated by the belief that their own potential and creative endeavours are being overlooked: they crave mentors yet also believe themselves capable of taking on their own bosses as mentees!

Far from being a negative generation worried about what’s ahead for them, they generally remain positive and upbeat about the future, as demonstrated by the findings from a recent MTV online survey about work, money and spending from a sample panel of 600 young people across Europe.

After all, if you work hard enough, and want something enough, you’ll get it…

Here’s the headlines:

  • They’re keen to tell the oldies how it’s done. 76% agreed that they feel THEY can teach older colleagues things; and 73% agreed that they can go against conventional wisdom in the workplace. A whopping 85% like coming up with their own ideas and being creative at work.
  • They want a strong feedback loop. The vast majority of young people are goal orientated (82%) and strongly believe that they benefit from regular work reviews and feedback (80%).
  • They’re an entrepreneurial bunch. Almost 9 in 10 agree that they constantly strive for self-improvement; they see their work ethic as essentially underpinned by their strong entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace (3 out of 4 agree)
  • They try not to let the word “failure” into their vocabulary. 9 in 10 agreed that it is important to make “failures” into positives. Almost 2 in 3 say that they either NEVER use the word “failure” to describe how they feel or that they try not to.
  • They’re pretty damn positive that they’ll end up with the job of their dreams. 47% state that they are going to continue to work hard to get the job of their dreams (rises to 53% for ages 16-24) and 14% say they already have their dream job. The remaining 39% are either more practical (“I’d just be happy with any job that helps me pay the bills”: 16%) or are feeling a bit worried about it (“I’m not feeling as confident as I once was that I’ll get my dream job”: 13%, and “I’m worried that I won’t get a job at all, let alone my dream job”: 10%), but on the whole, the majority are still believers that their dream jobs are out there ready for them to seize: in fact, 70% are overall positive about getting the career/job that they want at some point in their life.
  • This reflects Millennials’ overall attitude to economic issues: youth are aware of the economy and its potential effect on them… yet they still remain largely positive buoyed up by the lack of boundaries and encouraged sense of limitless potential that many of today’s youth experienced when growing up. And now they’re taking it to the working world.


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Millennials in the working world


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