BE VIACOM is a source of marketing solutions for international brands targeting kids, youth, young adult and family demographics. Our solutions are business-focused, creative media solutions that deliver quantifiable brand engagement across a spectrum of marketing disciplines.

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We believe brands can better connect with consumers by engaging them in strategic intelligent and creative campaigns. We are experts in broadcast, digital, mobile, brand experience, PR and just about any other platform that allows us to communicate your brand message in a unique and engaging way. We know how to connect with our audience, and lucky for us we have the most loyal, opinionated and hungry youth audience you can get.


Talking Shop

BE VIACOM Talking Shop first opened its doors in October, showcasing the best of our brands in a pop-up shop for two days only, partnered with a series of talks touching on our areas of expertise and how they fit in today’s media world.

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What we do

The breadth of our 14 media brands is unrivalled in targeting kids, youth, young adult and family demographics, encompassing our iconic brands MTV and Nickelodeon, leading brands Comedy Central, VIVA, TMF, VH1 and BET and our digital family of brands from Gametrailers to Neopets. The breadth of the portfolio is matched by its’ depth, the scope of which spans broadcast, digital and mobile media and delivers regular brand experiences through events and consumer products. For brands wanting to target these demographics, our solutions offer an opportunity to be relevant to and engage with our audiences the world over.



As a network we invest heavily in understanding our audiences. We have to in order to deliver the channels, sites, content and experiences that they engage with every day. This insight enables us deliver audience centric solutions that are relevant to today’s Millenial audiences.



Our audience centric approach has enabled us to build media brands, as opposed to media channels; and brands generate fans and advocates as opposed to just viewers & users. These fans’ depth of engagement is increasingly valuable in an age where engagement is as critical to brand health as awareness.



These media brands are accessible by our audiences, when, where and how they want them – by market and platform. This continued diversification and expansion into new platforms enables us to deliver efficiency of reach and increased saliency.



The combination of depth of engagement and breadth of reach enables us to deliver accountable, effective brand engagement solutions that help shift brand partner metrics and result in award winning campaigns.

Our solutions are business-focused, creative media solutions that deliver quantifiable brand engagement across a spectrum of marketing disciplines.


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