Geordie Shore

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Geordie Shore

Make way for 8 loud and proud Geordie lads and lasses who promise to show you a summer you’ll never forget! Inspired by the hit US phenomenon, Jersey Shore, the glamorous city of Newcastle becomes the latest stomping ground for this gang of tanned and buffed individuals, ready for 6 weeks of unadulterated partying toon-style. Living in a gorgeous five star house complete with shared bedrooms, a shag-pile outhouse for ‘special visitors’ and a hot tub, MTV cameras will catch all the action as they work during the day for a promotions company and then get their tash on at night, at some of the most renowned hotspots on the Diamond Strip. There’ll be tears, tantrums, drama and outrageous behaviour by the bucket-load… and that’s just from the boys!

Season 7 Premiere 5th January 2013

The Geordies are back where they belong, in Newcastle, for a jaw-dropping summer season of partying, pulling, bucking, necking on and getting mortal. It’s back to their old stomping ground, but something’s different – there’s a new girl in town, and she’s hot property See how the boys get stuck by the beauty of their new housemate while the girls’ tongues are set to wag more than ever in this brand new season!

Season 6

The Geordies are back. Again! The gang have escaped the grey skies of Newcastle and have flown to the other side of the world to soak up the never ending sunshine of Sydney, Australia. Living in a luxury beach front mint mansion, England’s finest exports are going to show the Aussies how to have it Geordie Shore style. How are the locals going to handle the ‘buck squad’, slut-dropping and getting mortal? Maybe more importantly, how are Gaz, Charlotte, Vicky, Scotty, James, Holly and Sophie going to handle the outback, surfing in shark infested waters and the local wildlife in this series of a lifetime?

Season 5

Geordie Shore is all set to return to MTV for its fifth season. The new series will see the gang touring some of Europe’s best stag and hen destinations, with bride-to-be Vicky and fiancé Ricci rejoining  Charlotte, Gary, Sophie, Holly, James, Dan and Scott to party their way around Amsterdam, Barcelona and Prague.

And after leaving the house early last series, bride-to-be Vicky and her fiancé Ricci will be back to lead the gang on their European tour.

With eight new episodes to come, boss Anna will be giving the Geordies a variety of jobs to do on their jaunt, from teaching cocktail classes and running bar crawls to hosting limousine buses packed with frisky hens.

Series 4 concluded with Gaz and Charlotte finally sharing a kiss, and Gaz admitting “I do love Charlotte to bits, I do wanna be around her and spend time with her.”

So will things between the pair heat up again away from their home turf of Newcastle? How will James cope away from his ‘worldie’ girlfriend Kate? And what will the ladies on the continent make of the Bucking Squad?


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Geordie Shore


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