Hotel 13

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Hotel 13 Season 2

It’s another summer in Hotel 13 and a lot has changed: Since last summer, Mr Leopold has been missing without a trace. Ruth took over the management of the hotel. And there are two new holiday jobbers – the positive Zoe and the charismatic Noah. However, the most important change is: the time machine has disappeared! Tom, Anna and Liv are again head over toes into a new adventure: where is the time machine gone? Why is there a pirate boy from the past in the hotel? Who are the mysterious men with tattoos that are on the pirate’s tracks? Tom seems to be in big trouble – as the inventor of the time machine he is in charge of every misuse of it. Will Tom, Anna and Liv manage to find the machine and to avert all danger it entails?

Holidays! For a whole summer Tom, Anna, Liv, Florian, Victoria and Jack stay in a hotel at the seaside. Cool mates, sun, beachpartys – and a bit of work. But Tom also has another reason to stay in “Hotel 13″: He got a mysterious mail to search for room 13, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Tom and his friends are going to discover things they will never forget…


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Hotel 13


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