With its baseline, “TMF Totally Yours” TMF clearly states what it’s all about: being an interactive communication platform that is entirely at the disposal of its target audience, young people.

In doing so TMF responds to young people’s needs to communicate with one another quickly and interactively. Formats such as “Get the Clip” which allow the viewer to decide which clip is up next or “Kill The Clip” whereby a clip is shelved also contribute to the channel’s interactive nature. Besides focussing on the dialogue with its viewers TMF also brings a wide variety of qualitative music.



The Real World XXVIII: Portland Season 28

The Real World XXVIII Seven new “strangers” of The Real World, plus the house dog Daisy, are about to stop being polite and start getting real in the hip Pacific Northwest town of Portland, Oregon. Living in the trendy Pearl district, filled with cool bars, coffee shops, food trucks, and bicyclists, these roommates quickly immerse […]

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The Challenge: Rivals II

The Challenge: Rivals II “Rivals II” takes our cast of 16 men and 16 women to Thailand for a return to one of The Challenge’s most exciting recent formats. Like every challenge, “Rivals II” requires strength, stamina, and perseverance. But more than ever, it’s going to require mental toughness as each two-person team will be […]

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TMF StarTweets

TMF StarTweets No time to follow all the new media? No problem, TMF does the work for you. In Startweets you get the latest news and interesting tweets from all the world. Stars, artists, actors and limited companies. In half an hour you totally catch up with what the starts have to say. Airing: mon-fri […]

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Euro Top 20

Euro Top 20 The best European top 20 hits, Non Stop!

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Wereldhit Follow the veejays Lotte and Astrid around the world looking for sound samples to create a world hit track.

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Invade Season 2 Invade brings the latest updates about film, games and gadgets. Cliff presents the latest cinema and film releases, the coolest games for console and PC, and the best gadgets from the Invade studio. Cliff presents the program enthusiastically together and works its way through the mix of movies, games and gadgets! Premiere  […]

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