Adam Devine’s House Party

Adam Devine’s House Party 

Adam DeVine was supposed to produce a comedy show for us, but instead he bought a big mansion and now he is rubbing in everyone’s faces that he has such a huge mansion by inviting everyone for a party and trashing the house. He also invited some comedians to party. In every show you see new stand-up comedians. While they are performing their sets, you see scenes of DeVine getting into mischief in his mansion.

In the first episode Adam is trying to be the cool host of his own show, but that image gets ruined almost immediately when he tries to look badass and breaks a beer bottle with his head. He then spends the rest of this episode with a bandage tied around his head. During this episode you see comedians Ahmed Bharoocha who talks about how God was as a teenager, Andrew Santino and Barry Rothbart.

As Adam would say: You guys ready to get weird tonight or what?!


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Adam Devine’s House Party


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Adam Devine


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