Everybody hates Chris

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Everybody hates Chris

People love nostalgia. Especially US comedian Chris Rock, who has created this excellent sitcom, loosely based on his childhood experience growing up in suburbs of Brooklyn during the 80’s. Striving to provide their 13 year-old son with a better education than they ever had, Chris’ hard-working parents send him to a mainly white middle school, Corleone High, where he, shall we say, stands out a just a little.

Not only has Chris already sussed that becoming a teenager and growing up isn’t all that it has cracked up to be, as the oldest of three, he also has to manage his slightly obsessive, lunatic family.

Everybody Hates Chris shares that warm and fuzzy feeling with shows like The Wonder Years. Rock’s sharp script however, has an edge to it, as well as more than a little dark humour cutting through all the fluff.


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Everybody Hates Chris


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