Brothers Green: EATS!

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Brothers Green: EATS!

Straight out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn come brothers, musicians, and chefs Mike and Josh Greenfield. Without a doubt, they are the most badass dudes to ever enter a kitchen. These YouTube stars hit it big with their web-series “Brothers Green Eats,” and now take it to the next level with their new MTV International series, blending their love of food and music into the ultimate party, while cooking the most outrageous, delicious and best of all simple to prepare dishes. MTV viewers can now cook up great things all day, every day because this dynamic duo is going to show them how. Using every day ingredients and cooking in their own kitchen, they’ll create mouthwatering food that will inspire millennials around the world and make those so-called celebrity chefs green with envy. Based out of their loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Brothers Green serve up drool-worthy recipes along with kickass music. They’ll visit the hottest NYC locales and head out on location to some of MTV’s coolest music events around the world — and then wrap it all up for the generation who loves their take away information in bite-sized nuggets.


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Brothers Green: EATS!


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