Bunsen is a Beast!

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Bunsen is a Beast!

Say, “hello” to Bunsen – the new beast in school… well, he’s MORE than just the new beast. He’s the FIRST beast in an all-HUMAN school. Bunsen is the world’s fi rst beast ambassador, and while he’s at Muckledunk Middle School, he’ll show everyone that beasts and humans are not so different! With the help of his new human BFF Mikey Munroe, Bunsen will learn exactly how to survive in the human world… like how to do homework, how to eat in a cafeteria, how to not let the Sneeze Beasts in his nose run wild – you know, the basics! Bunsen is curious to know everything about humankind, and with Mikey by his side they’ll show the world that beasts and humans can live together harmoniously. Just don’t feed Bunsen any beets… he’ll go crazy and try to eat you. This is your fi nal warning.


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Bunsen is a Beast!


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