Back At The Barnyard

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Back At The Barnyard

chronicles the animal shenanigans that take place in the barnyard when the farmer’s back is turned. The series centers around a carefree party cow named Otis (voiced by Chris Hardwick, Singled Out), who has recently become the patriarch of the farm. Created by the Oscar-nominated writer/director Steve Oedekerk (Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective), the series premiered in September 2007.

Danny Phantom- Danny Phantom unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton (voiced by David Kaufman), who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker (Rickey Collins) and free-thinking Goth girl Sam (Grey Delisle), he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts — and stumbles through daily social hurdles. The series was created by Butch Hartman (Fairly OddParents).


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