What I Like About You

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What I Like About You

When her widowed father moves to Japan, Holly (Amanda Bynes) is forced to move in with her straight-laced older sister Valerie (Jennie Garth), who’s a promising public relations executive trying to find her way in Manhattan. It’s not long before Holly’s antics turn Valerie’s regimented life upside down. Although Holly misses her father, she idolizes her big sister, and it’s a good thing that they love each other, or they’d drive each other crazy. The series also stars Wesley Jonathan (Gary), Leslie Grossman (Lauren), Allison Munn (Tina), Nick Zano (Vince), Simon Rex (Jeff) and Stephen Dunham (Peter). What I Like About You was created by Wil Calhoun (Friends) and Dan Schneider (The Amanda Show). Calhoun and Schneider executive produce, along with Brian Robbins, Mike Tollin and Joe Davola (all three from Smallville), and Caryn Lucas (The Nanny).


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